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The Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha 2004
This page is dedicated to the flag of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha and its first official launch.

The S.D.M.S. Flag
This is the S.D.M.S. flag as it is prepared to be flown at Caroni Hindu School.
  The Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha has created its own flag, which will soon be flown in every school and temple operated by the Maha Sabha. The flag is orange, its shape patterned in a form which represents devotion and honour to the land in which it is flown, with the central emblem being the emblem of the Maha Sabha. The Pt. Krishna Maharaj Caroni Hindu School was the first to fly this flag and did so on Tuesday 10th February, 2004. We at the Caroni Hindu School are both humbled and honoured to be the first flag bearers, the village of Caroni being the birthplace of the Maha Sabha. In a short solemn ceremony, the flag was raised to the singing of Sanatan Dharma Ki Jai Ho, victory to Sanatan Dharma, the anthem of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha. Our congratulations to the S.D.M.S. on this important step.

What is in a flag?
In Hinduism, a flag represents victory. The Maha Sabha has proclaimed its victory as an institution in Trinidad and Tobago. It now controls 43 primary schools, 5 Hindu colleges and over 250 temples.

What does the flag say?
The flag is made in an ancient pattern, which proclaims the devotion of an institution to its homeland. The orange colour is the hue of Lord Ganesh, remover of obstacles and difficulties. The emblem of theMaha Sabha contains the Lotus and Shankh. The lotus rises above the mud and prospers. The Shankh signifies victory and prayer.

The flag flies bravely in the wind

Students gather to raise the flag
The Maha Sabha believes that our future lies in the hands of our children. The children here pay respects to the flag of the Maha Sabha