Om Tat Purushaaya Vidmahe
Mahadevaaya Dheemahi
Tanno Rudra Prachodayaat.

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This school is located at Southern Main Road, Caroni, Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies. We are a primary school of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha, established in 1955. The Pundit Krishna Maharaj(memorial) Caroni Hindu School is the brainchild of the late Bhadase Sagan Maharaj and other villagers of the Caroni District.

The school was built from the proceeds of a raffle run by Mr. Bhadase Sagan Maharaj, Mr. Satnarayan Maharaj, Mr. Sookdeo Dookie and many others in the community. Since its inception, the face of the school has changed many times. Many distinguished and influential persons have graced its walkway and playgrounds.

In 1999 our school entered the computer age with the installation of a laboratory. We are now one of the few schools with our own websites. The link below will take you to our second site.

The school was renamed in honour of the Dharamacharya, Pt. Krishna who was a leader in whom we placed great trust. He was a gentle soul,a guru, a father figure, a holy man and a friend to all. Even in his last days here with us, he still had time to share a song, a smile and good advice with his many shishyas and pupils of our school. He was well loved, most revered and will be missed by all.

Our school also hosted the funeral of The Dharmacharya of Trinidad and Tobago, Pt. Krishna Maharaj, an icon in the hindu world. His passing still grieves us, but we pray that god grants him peace. Pundit Krishna was an individual whose mark will remain here with the Maha Sabha and all those who had the opportunity to spend either a moment or lifetime with him. Raam Naam Satya Hai. Prati Dinam Khushalam Jai Mangalam.

This site is our humble offering to the Guru, Pt. Krishna Maharaj, who will always be part of us.

ENJOY..........Pundit Vijai Kissoon (GIRI), Teacher 1

Our new School Website:



Current affairs of the P.K.M.C.H.S.

We have a staff of dedicated S.D.M.S. employed teachers who love our school and spare no pains in making it the best primary school in the system. We still have far to go but by God's blessings and some good old fashioned elbow grease, we'll get there.

Mr. Satnarayan Maharaj and pupils prepare to walk

Not enough photos ? check our photo page then............ See More Here on our second site